Can Betta Fish See in the Dark?

The betta fish is among the most stunning aquarium fish available, and despite their territorial and aggressive nature, they’re a lot of fun to keep around. Additionally, Betta fish are recognized for their flowing fins, vibrant colors, and other morphological characteristics. Bettas have remained a popular option for aquarium fish among a variety of enthusiasts due to their appearance. However, these fish are challenging to maintain, making them unsuitable for novices. Almost all fish species, captive or wild, rely on eyesight for survival. This sensory organ is vital in all animals, especially fish. Bettas come into play here. Their eyes … Read more


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What to do if your Angelfish Is Dying?

Angelfish are extremely susceptible to both hazardous nitrogen compounds and water quality factors. Test the water first to figure out what’s wrong. Check for hazardous nitrogen molecules and gradually alter the pH or temperature. Nitrate should be less than 40 ppm, and ammonia and nitrite should both be nil. If not, replace roughly 25% of the water every other day until the amounts of harmful nitrogen compounds are under tolerable ranges. Typically, angelfish require a large aquarium with no unsuitable tankmates and low to moderate water turbulence. Please include further information about the aquarium’s size, inhabitants, and water conditions if … Read more


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How Long do Angelfish Live?

There is no specific number of years or time to mark a fixed lifespan of an Angelfish. Also, there are no systems to find the exact value. But we can know the average life expectancy of the fish by various things. In this article, we will check out how long an Angelfish lives and what the factors that affect the life of it. Read below to know more about this. How Long Do Angelfish Live? Angelfish are a popular and hardy species of freshwater fish that can live for several years with proper care. In general, angelfish have a lifespan … Read more


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How Long Do Koi Fish Live?

Koi fish are known to live a long time. But how long do they actually live? Well, the average lifespan of a koi fish is about 25 to 35 years. While you may think that’s a long life span for a fish, they can actually live much longer than that. If a Koi fish is well taken care of with clean water and good food, then they can live over a hundred years. Let’s read about “How Long Do Koi Fish Live?” If the Koi fish is maintained in perfect conditions, then it can live into their 50s and 60s … Read more


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Oscar Fish Power Feeding Tips

Do you want your Oscar fish to grow faster? Here I share with you an awesome result-oriented method to make your Oscar fish grow faster. This is a power-feeding technique that makes your Oscar fish grow fast and big in a short time. Oscar is one of the most popular aquarium fish. It is a little bigger and more aggressive than most other aquarium fishes. Even though they consume more food than other common aquarium fishes, it is easy to take care of Oscar fishes in an aquarium. So let us check out the power-feeding techniques to make your Oscar … Read more


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