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Juliane's Planted Aquariums

Juliane contributed a large number of wonderful pictures. The following are some of my favorites. Check Juliane out on Instagram @juarrudausg

Blue rams in a stand off for territory in a planted aquarium


Wonderful navy color betta fish in a planted aquarium

Mrs. Stewart's Planted Aquariums

Mrs. Stewart has multiple planted aquariums and is a regular poster on Instagram. Wonder planted tanks with great freshwater fish. Picture is low resolution because it was sent through Instagram. Check out more of Mrs. Stewart's pictures on Instagram @greenthumbscape_mama

Mrs. Stewart's planted aquarium with rummy nose tetras

Clemens' Planted Aquarium

Picture of a 50l (12.5g) tank submitted by Clemens. Find him on Instagram @clemens_cavallar

Clemens' beautiful planted aquarium.

David's Reef Aquarium

Great pictures provided by David Rice. Check him out on Instagram @ffrice

Picture of reef aquarium provided by David Rice. Check out his instagram @ffrice.


David's reef aquarium.


Sal's rainbow fish

Sal's 75 gallon aquarium. If you'd like to see more pictures of Sal's aquarium, he has some great ones on Instagram @Sport16nj

Jackson's aquariums

Image of a 75 gallon aquascaped aquarium with a sand substrate
Jackson's 75 gallon aquascaped aquarium with a sand substrate