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Oscar Fish Power Feeding Tips

Do you want your Oscar fish to grow faster? Here I share with you an awesome result-oriented method to make your Oscar fish grow faster. This is a power-feeding technique that makes your Oscar fish grow fast and big in a short time.

Oscar is one of the most popular aquarium fish. It is a little bigger and more aggressive than most other aquarium fishes. Even though they consume more food than other common aquarium fishes, it is easy to take care of Oscar fishes in an aquarium.

So let us check out the power-feeding techniques to make your Oscar fish grow faster.

Power Feeding for Oscar Fish to make them grow FASTER

Here, I will show you a method called power feeding for Oscar fishes, which helps them grow faster in a short time.

In this technique, you will feed your Oscar fish heavily for one day, and then no feed for the next two days. This will result in a very fast growth for your fish. This means, you only feed them less number of times but with more amount of food, i.e., feeding the Oscar fish until he can almost not eat anymore.

Also, after you feed your Oscar fish, don’t feed them again for the next two days. And then feed heavily again after the gap and wait for another two days…

Food items for power-feeding Oscar fish

When you feed them using the power feeding method, make sure that you give them mainly those foods rich in protein. As you are taking a gap between some days, you have to add more food while you feed them.

Here is a list of food items that are very suitable when you power-feed your Oscar fish:

  1. Pellets – when feeding with food like pellets, make sure that you float them so that they are easier to digest.
  2. Earthworms
  3. Dead insects
  4. Small fish pieces. Eg: pieces of Tilapia.

What temperature is best for power-feeding Oscar fish

The best temperature range for power feeding of Oscar fishes is between 80 – 82 °F. The higher temperature will increase their metabolism, and also allow them to process the food faster.

When your Oscar fish processes food faster, you can feed them more often which will make them grow faster in a short time.

So this is how you have to power-feed your Oscar fish.

Negative Consequences of Power Feeding Oscar fish

When you power-feed your Oscar fish, you should also know about the negative effects of continuing this method.

  1. Here, you are feeding your Oscar fish with an unhealthy amount of food.
  2. To keep nitrates low, you have to do frequent water changes.
  3. In the power feeding method even though they grow faster, the life span of your Oscar fish will be significantly cut down. Therefore, I don’t recommend this method unless you really want to get your Oscar to grow faster.

Oscar Fish Power Feeding Tips

How to reduce the negative effects of power feeding?

To reduce the negative health effects of power-feeding your Oscar fish, it is better to make the process in a way that you power-feed them for a month and don’t continue for the next month. You can also make a timetable yourself in a way that there is a gap between normal feeding and power feeding to reduce negative health effects. And ultimately, it is your choice on how long you want to power feed your fish.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time it takes for a small Oscar to grow big?

If cared for in the right manner, with on-time water changes and a good diet, a 2-inch Oscar can grow 12 inches or even more in less than a year.

Can you feed small pellets to a big Oscar fish?

Yes, it is OK to feed a big Oscar with small pellets.

Can Oscar fish live without a heater?

It is hard for an Oscar fish to survive without a heater in an aquarium. Oscar fishes need a temperature near to 78 °F to live in a healthy condition.

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